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Southwest Carriers Co., also known as Southwest, is the largest low-cost airline in the world and one of the country's main airlines. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, and it offers scheduled service to 121 U.S. cities as well as 10 other international locations. Southwest carried more domestic passengers than any other American airline as of 2018.
In contrast to other US airlines, Southwest operates on a rolling hub and point-to-point network and offers free checked baggage. In its fleet, only Boeing 737 aircraft are used.
During the busiest travel season, the airline employs close to 60,000 people and conducts roughly 4,000 departures daily.
Herb Kelleher and Rollin King founded the airline on March 15, 1967, under the name Air Southwest Co. It changed its name to Southwest Airlines Co. in 1971 when it started operating as an intrastate airline, entirely within the state of Texas, initially flying between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. In 1979, it launched regional interstate service, and during the ensuing decades, it expanded countrywide. Southwest presently provides airport service to numerous Central American destinations in addition to 42 states.

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Southwest planned to offer flights in 2022 to more than 100 locations in 42 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Instead of employing the conventional hub-and-spoke structure used by other major airlines, Southwest prefers a point-to-point approach with a rolling hub model in its base cities.


Herbert Kelleher and Rollin King formed Southwest Airlines in 1966, and the company was incorporated as Air Southwest Co. in 1967. To stop the company from using its planned tactic of undercutting their pricing by exclusively operating within Texas and being exempt from certain rules, three other airlines filed a lawsuit. The legal disputes were settled in 1970, and the airline took the name Southwest Airlines Co. in 1971 when it started running regularly scheduled flights between Dallas Love Field and Houston and between Love Field and San Antonio. Southwest started running flights to a number of new Texas locations in 1975, and in 1979 it started flying to neighbouring states. Beginning in the 1990s, service was provided to the East and Southeast. Southwest turned a profit for 47 consecutive fiscal years from 1973 through 2019.


Southwest Airlines is operating 735 aircraft as of February 2022. Southwest Airlines has only ever flown Boeing 737 aircraft throughout its history, with the exception of the years 1979 to 1980 and 1983 to 1985 when it leased and flew a few Boeing 727-200 aircraft. The most

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